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Autism & Communication

VisiLift is a fully mobile interactive multi-touch HD touchscreen LCD with powered height adjustability. At the touch of a button the screen can be raised or lowered creating an all-encompassing learning and working environment for all sizes, ages and abilities including wheelchair users. At full height the VisiLift is ideal for presentations, teaching or group displays. Fitted with braking castors the VisiLift is easily moved from room to room making it ideal for flexible work spaces and special needs environments. Safety sensors detect any obstacle in the way whilst being raised or lowered and so avoid damage or injury. The sleek steel frame can raise and lower the screen by 680mm and can be halted in any position. Adjustable mounting brackets allow the minimum and maximum screen height to be tailored for specific use. A wall mounted option is also available.


Ideal for use in mainstream and special needs education the VisiLift is available in choice of screen sizes , all are the same robust, commercial grade screens that are used at sports grounds , tough, strong and easy to wipe clean.
VisiLift’s bright, beautiful picture quality combined with Integrex’s touchscreen technology make this a remarkable, interactive display. The VisiLift’s wide, clear viewing angle suits all light conditions with no shadows cast by users or eyestrain from bright projectors. Integrex’s experienced team can provide a suite of interactive and rewarding software programmes and colourful games to maximise user interactivity including multi-touch (2 or 32 touch*) for more than one user. (*other options available on request)

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